How to prevent pimples with 4 Easy Tips

how to prevent pimples with 4 Easy Tips

how to prevent pimples with 4 Easy Tips

Skin acne and blemishes – will these ever go away? As a teenager, you have been hoping that you won’t succumb to all the skin related problems, not to mention the embarrassing ones, such as pimples and blackheads, and would fervently pray that it will simply go away and not bother you again but the fact remains that it does not. At some point in your lives we all go through the same skin breakouts and if left unattended might just get uglier and worse might forever leave a mark on your skin. These acne needs to be tended promptly, otherwise, it will continue to mar a beautiful and radiantly healthy skin. For some people, acne can worsen when they reach their puberty stage.

This skin condition is more than just a cosmetic-related problem; acne has this great impact in one’s quality of living, regardless of what your gender you’re in and what age group it belongs to or even the condition’s severity. If you are one of the many people are continuing to battle the recurring acne breaks, finding that perfect way to attain a clearer skin is important to your own self-confidence and self-esteem, mental health and how you perceive your body.

Due to the fact that there is no single triggering factor for the acne to occur, there is no bulletproof way to veer off from it but we surely can control its occurrence. Acne is primarily influenced by a lot of factors, the majority of which cannot be controlled though. But, the means to have your skin treated does pose an important role in all of this.
how to prevent pimples with 4 Easy Tips

(1)    Check out and evaluate the skin and hair products: By simply shifting from skin and hair products that are noncomedogenic, can definitely make a huge difference in the skin’s appearance. Whenever you use gels, hair conditioners, shaving products, pomades, moisturizers, cosmetics and makeups, sunblock and other related products which contain oily substances, may clog and block the pores which will lead to acne and other skin related conditions to occur. Make sure to always check the product’s label first before you pay for them.

(2)    Consider the cleanliness of your hands: We all do hear the importance of the hand’s dexterity but having clean hands might also come in closer significance especially when you touch your face with unclean hands. There are people who often rub their nose or even brush their cheeks with their hands, this actually encourages bacterial growth and can raise the occurrence of infection. Try to carry a mild hand sanitizer with you so you can always have it sanitized before you even touch your own face and skin.

(3)    Never let sweat to dry off: if you are the kind of person that loves to engage in physical activities, then you are heating your body up a lot faster which in turn causes perspiration to mix along with the skin’s oily substances. These, all together, trap and clog up the pores. If having a speedy rinse is not enough for you to wash off the sweat, even at the palms, then you should try to pat it dry and change your clothing into a dry and clean one as soon as possible. Lounging around even with your sweat clothes on, most especially if they are tight fitting, can actually lead to mechanical acne to occur in your back and chest, and perhaps other parts of the body.
how to prevent pimples with 4 Easy Tips

(4)    Steer away from using harsh exfoliates and try not to over wash: Dirt is not the root cause of having acne, so frequent washing using substances that have a harsh chemical like the alcohol-based products will only worsen and add up to the present skin condition. As a matter of fact, it worsens the condition because this prompts the production of excess oil and generates more blemishes. Always be kind and gentle to your own skin by washing the face gently starting from the jawline up to your hairline using only mild and hypoallergenic soaps either once or twice every day.

Acne might also occur as a result of various drug and food allergies. Also, genetics can be a cause for a person to have acne so there are a lot of factors to be considered. If this is a concern, then you can talk this out with your health care provider.

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